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The music is streamed and will start within a few seconds without waiting for downloading to finish.
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Alternatively you now have the option of clicking on the mp3 version and after a very short time the music starts. While it is playing you can click on 'Start' and find out where Windows has temporarily stored the file, then send it to a convenient folder for keeps.

This collection is split into 3 sections:-

REMSYS RADIO for the longer sessions, say half an hour

SINGLES for short sessions

STRAIGHT OFF MY 78's (with a little doctoring)


A to Z of Jazz Part one - A to B. Sleevenotes

Nat Gonella At Leamington Spa in 1974. Sleevenotes


Blue Nights Jazzband 'Down in Honky Tonk Town'.

Mac Randle Quartet 'Indian Summer'.

Mac Randle Quintet 'Deep Purple'.

mp3 only:Cy Laurie Quartetat Bude 1988. 'Cakewalkin Babies'short demo mp3
This was the first Bude Festival. ~ Banjo:Griff Thomas ~ Bass:John Johnson ~ Drums:Nick Ward

mp3 only:Cy Laurie Quartetat Bude 1988. 'Dippermouth Blues'short demo mp3
A wonderful combination of musicians to listen to... live jazz at it's best.

mp3 only:Udo Jagers (Banjo)Little Witley 1991. 'Tiger Rag'short demo RealPlay
Concert by Rod Mason & his Hot Five at Little Witley Village Hall on 23-04-91.

If this stops rotating press Refresh ~STRAIGHT OFF MY 78's~

Sidney Bechet 'Blues In Paris', with the Luter rhythm section. mp3 version

Goodman Orch 'Darktown Strutters Ball'. mp3 version

Mick Mulligan's Magnolia Jazz Bandincl. the young George Melly 'Candy Lips'.

Don't Bring Lulu Jan Garber Orch. 1925/1927 Quite obviously not doctored yet.

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