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Strathallen Hotel, Hagley Road, Birmingham. Lunchtime. (Weekly)
James Brindley, Bridge Street, Birmingham. 12:30-3pm. (Weekly) Free.
The Maudslay, Allesley Old Road, Coventry. 8pm. (Weekly)
The White Swan, Rother Street, Stratford-on-Avon. 8pm. (Weekly) Free.
Derngate Centre, Northampton. 12Noon-2:30pm. (Weekly)
The Trumpet, Bilston. 12:30-3pm and 8:30-11pm. (Weekly) Free.
Black Horse, Cold Ashby, nr Daventry. 8:30pm. (Weekly ?) Free.

The Cocked Hat. 8:30pm. (Weekly) Free. TIERRA BUENA JAZZ BAND.
Greswolde Arms Hotel, High Street, Knowle. 8:30pm. (1st & 3rd Mondays) Free. JAZZ ALLSORTS.

The Trumpet, Bilston. 8:30pm. (Weekly) Free.

Eathorpe Park Hotel, Fosse Way, nr Leamington Spa. 8:30pm. (Weekly) Free.
The Trumpet, Bilston. 8:45-11pm. (Weekly) Free.

Old Silhillians Club House, Knowle. 8:30pm. (Last Thursday in month). GEORGE HUXLEY.
The Trumpet, Bilston. 8:30pm. (Weekly) Free.
Biggin Hall Hotel, Binley Road, Coventry. 8:30pm.
Malt Shovel, Gaydon, (Warwick to Banbury Road). 8:30pm. (Monthly ?). DENE RIVER JAZZMEN.
Black Eagle Lounge, Hotel Leofric, Broadgate, Coventry. 9:30pm-Midnight. (Weekly) Free.
Coach and Horses, Warwick Street, Daventry. 8:30pm. (Fortnightly) Free.

Town Thorns, Easenhall Road, Brinklow. 8:30pm. (2nd & 4th Fridays). JAZZ REVELLERS.
Fox and Hen, Bascote Heath, nr Leamington/Southam. 8:30pm. (1st & 3rd Fridays) Free. JAZZ SALON ROUGE.
The Trumpet, Bilston. 8:30pm. (Weekly) Free. SWING PARADE.
Newbold Verdon WMC, Leicestershire. 8:30pm. (1st Friday).

The Trumpet, Bilston. 8:30pm. (Weekly) Free.
Waterworks Club, Waterworks Road, Birmingham, 8:30pm. (Weekly)

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We found it difficult to keep the What's On Where feature updated regularly enough
so the best advice is... Read the Friday editions of the Coventry Evening Telegraph
and take in Bob Caldwell's really excellent Jazz Page, in which he reviews local Jazz
and gives the week's programmes for most of the midlands area venues. The photographs
are good too. So, sorry about the closure, but it's no great loss really !.

However... try their website

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(Note: MIDI sounds can be a bit quiet, so the volume may need turning up)

Lady Be Good Piano copy version constructed by Peter Wasmuth.

The next three were also kindly supplied by Peter Wasmuth. (Press Here for description)

Misterioso . . . 'Round Midnight . . . Litha

And now four review samples from the Just Jazz website (see Other Good Pubs, page 1).
Cute . . . Four Brothers . . . Shiny Stockings . . . Sushi

Plus:- A spot of Gershwin

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We now have a chat room on IRC (Internet Relay Chat). The channel is named #Remsys, on the WEBMASTER Network. The reason for choosing Webmaster as opposed to IRCNET or DALNET is that (a) we get a named room (channel) allocated, and (b) you can access it via your web browser if you don't already have access via an IRC Server program (a Client).

Webmaster is very stable and is quick and easy to logon to, especially via an IRC Server. A suitable server is:- irc.webmaster.com:6667 (ie. port 6667). Other servers are also available.

To access Webmaster via your browser go to:-
Find the chat now! button and click on it. The browser starts loading things and this takes about two minutes. Don't do anything until it has all finished working and you have arrived in an untitled conference room which lists one Guest User, which is you. Towards the bottom is a single line box with a note 'Please enter a nickname to participate'. Type in any uncommon name you like and press enter. Now type in the same box:- /join #Remsys
When you press enter a box comes up which you can ignore for now, so click on the cross in the top RH corner of it. You have now arrived safely in the room called #Remsys. The end result is exactly like accessing the #Remsys channel via an IRC server except that some of the IRC operating commands are slightly different.
The tidy way to exit the room is to type:- /quit

Of course there won't be anybody there to talk to, unless you tell other people about the wonders of IRC, and persuade someone to join you, possibly from USA so you can chat away for a penny a minute across the Atlantic! I might be there myself sometimes.

By the way... For those of you who can't stand the idea of doing things the way someone has just explained to you, don't worry, you'll get there in the end... it will just take you twice as long :)

One last word, if you venture into other rooms (channels) it is best to disable DCC communications to stop people sending you files you don't want. To do this using the browser just click on the 'Session' button and then click on the '-e' box.
The 'Rooms' button will give you a couple of minutes wait while the program downloads the list of rooms currently available.

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I give you a choice of one of three large boxes. One box contains a new car and the other two boxes each contain an old goat. You choose one box. Then I show you the contents of one of the remaining boxes, and it proves to be a goat.

I now offer you the opportunity of changing your mind and selecting the remaining unopened box. Should you remain with your original choice or should you change your mind and select the remaining unopened box?

here to view a BASIC program giving you the answer and running a test to prove it. Don't worry if you are not running BASIC, as the program is in ASCII and you can read the answer and follow the logic by reading the text. If you do have BASIC then save the file and run it later.

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7. Other Sites to Visit.

Peter Wasmuth's Jazz 'n' Blues Collection

Mardi Gras Jazz Club - Daventry

Stratford Jazz, White Swan, Sundays 8pm. Live! Free!

The Red Hot Jazz Archive
Here you can listen to the Original Jazz

Some Realplay Jazz from Red Hot Jazz Archive compiled by Craig Johnson
Listen to some more Original Jazz

Lynn Baker with the WOYKS

Zoltan Sagi

Just Jazz - jazz pictorial and MIDI file archive. http://www.geocities.com/BourbonStreet/1114/justjaz1.htm

Musicians Union

Remsys Live Steam


Chanel Number 4

NASA/Kennedy Space Centre

Henrietta's Restaurant, Kineton

Kineton Village Website

Where on Earth is Kineton?
Click here for a map

Wellesbourne Airfield

Google Newsgroups Directory

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